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True Aim Solutions

Company Overview

True Aim Solutions Pvt Ltd (India) hereafter referred to as True Aim, is a privately owned technology company based out of Bangalore, India, focusing on IT & Digital Marketing related products and services. We are a company offering an end-to-end suite of services, ranging from Software Development, Software Product Development, Desktop applications, Business automation, Software maintenance to Web application development, Website design and an comprehensive full spectrum digital marketing solutions and services.

This mix renders us capable of dealing with extremely varied areas of expertise and devising specialised solutions in equally specialised domai ns. With clients spread over multiple domains, such as internet marketing, real estate, healthcare, logistics, transportation, automobile, services, and web portals.

Unlike most technology companies, we have a marketing first approach when it comes to developing technology for our clients. We are conscious of developing software and apps that will help improve the clients business, but more importantly ultimately help them make more money.

Our expertise stems from our highly qualified technical and marketing team and our commitment to keeping ourselves fully abreast of cutting-edge technologies and strategies. By leveraging our end-to-end capabilities and an attitude for excellent customer support, we are in a unique position to provide cost-effective, quality oriented software and web solutions to clients across the globe.

Our team is comprised of well picked experienced strategist, marketers, engineers, designers and project managers, and quality assurance specialists. True Aim’s young and vibrant client-centric team is specially trained to forge excellent technical and business partnerships with our clients.

Our penchant for keeping ourselves up to date with the latest in the worlds of technology and industry helps us in extending our horizons both in terms of knowledge and business relationships. To serve our clients better we understand that we have to begin within. At True Aim, we constantly strive to nurture creativity and innovative patterns of thinking and developing fresh organisational capabilities all the time. The advantages of these only get passed on to the client in the form of superior products and services. Our belief that quality is not governed simply by technical excellence, but also by service considerations such as active involvement and empathy with the client and speed of response to contingencies. Putting ourselves in the client's shoes has gone a long way in helping us build strong relationships with them.

Our areas of focus include:

  1. Buyer Personal Identification (Target Audience)
  2. Marketing Funnel Development
  3. Marketing Strategy Management
  4. Website Design
  5. Mobile Application Development
  6. Web Application Development
  7. Custom Software Development


Beejal Parmar, Founder & Chief Engagement Officer

Beejal is a much sought out engineer, that has a unique ability to understand a clients challenges. He is a technology marketing specialist with over 23 years of experience in engineering, technology development, international sales and marketing. However, it’s his ‘other’ life that gives rise to his public fame. Beejal is an international speaker, trainer, author and results coach, and while this might seem very distinct and separate from the world of technology and marketing, Beejal is quick to explain why the marriage of his two worlds is better for the clients.

"My approach is not technology first… it starts with understanding the human element first, the relationships, and user interactions, the market. In 2011, I became fascinated with the how different personalities generate different types of results, as my awareness of human behavior increased, so did the growth of True Aim Solutions. People ask me if we’re a technology company, I reply no, we are a user experience company delivering marketing and technology that serves the clients and users purpose"

And thus. it is Beejal’s passion and unique personality that makes True Aim, not just another technology service provider. Beejal is less involved with the technology and more with building relationships with clients to understand their challenges, wants and needs. He then works with his team of heroes to solve the clients problems.

Soumitra Paul: Lead Technologist

Soumitra has over 8 years of experience in software product management and leading software development teams. He has conceptualized, developed and marketed software products which catered markets across industries and geographies. He started his career building software for the aviation industry; when he had written many prestigious research papers in the aviation software domain; one of which has been rated as one of the top ten technologies of the decade to disrupt aviation by Aviation Week and archived at NASA’s Astrophysics Data System.

"Customers are beaming signals loud and clear- in their action, in their inaction, in their presence as well as in their absence. If you listen to the customer, you simply can’t fail."

He has consulted and advised many software product companies across education, ecommerce, travel, healthcare, mobile and consumer sectors. He has been featured in leading newspapers and quoted in several blogs related to software business industry.

Souvit Singharoy: Creative Visualist

The UI & UX team is headed by experienced designer, Souvit SinghaRoy. For Souvit, the challenge is how to make technology look good, feel good, yet, still be functional. Prior to entering the world of technology, Souvit was a fine art and visual graphic designer. Like so many, he transitioned into the technology world, but he never lost his passion for making technology look attractive and beautiful.

"Technology and art, art and technology, when one uses technology, it should feel like looking at an wonderful piece of art"

It's rare to have someone on the team who can straddle the artistic world and the technology. His inspirations are companies like Apple, Mind Valley, Barcardi (for their visual impact - not alcohol products… just to be clear), Virgin, to name a few.

Judith Josephine: Social Media Maverick Marketer

One of the youngest members of the team, Judith comes from a media background. After a short term PR project, she moved into full time social media management for events, where she also got hands on experience in A to Z event management. Understanding the unwitting power of digital communication, she got passionate wearing many hats like crafting actual posts, analyzing metrics, and spearheading campaigns while gaining measurable ROI. It's versatility kept it interesting.

"I don't believe it to be a new media, rather an extension of traditional media. It's real time communication as information is taken from medium and shared with the other, a successful collaboration. It's not about how many platforms you have active online, it's about quality content."

She finds her zen in the arts, whether it's being absorbed in a canvas painting or trying to reproduce Vivaldi's sonatas on the viola.

The Secret Symbology of iBeejal

You may have seen my logo, what most people don't realize is the symbology of iBeejal. Inspired by ancient symbology, I designed the logo to represent the relationship between my clients and myself. The logo is a personal reminder of my passion, purpose and mission to help others achieve success in their unique life adventure. Every time I am able to help someone overcome a challenge, discover their brilliance, achieve the success they desire... it's a reminder that the 10 years of struggle, were really a gift and training experience to help others around the world. Check out the secret symbology of iBeejal below.